Hereeeee's Tommy!
Complete Name:  Thomas Pickles Beckman
Age:  29
Gender:  Male-ish
Proficient In:  MTB, BMX, road cycling, video,
photography, and whiskey drinking.
Tommy B, our second longest running club member,
was 18 when he first joined the S2S ranks.
As a teenager, he lived in the garage and roamed the
streets on his BMX bike until all hours of the night
like, some cycling vampire.  His love of photography
only spurred his love for all things bikes and you'd
often find him capturing his pals on film instead of
promoting his own projects.  These days, Tommy has a wife and three dog
children.  He now chooses the role as Head Videographer for his genius
creation; Saints2Sinners Booze Club.

Checks out his links for more information!
224 Blackman HIll Road, Berkshire, NY 13736
e-mail:                        FB:  Shannon Baker                          FB:  Kim Baker