Call me Kimmer
Complete Name:  Kim Bob Baker
Age:  50
Gender:  All male
Proficient In:  BMX, dirt bikes, mtb, road bikes, roller
skates and wheel chairs.
This crazy shit has been keeping it on two wheels for a very long,
long, long time.  Emphasis on long.  Started racing dirt bikes
and BMX bikes as a kid and has been riding something ever since.  
In his 30's he picked up mountain biking and by mid-to-late 30's
he took on road cycling, too.  These days, he mostly rides to
drink.  Occasionally, he even picks up a camera.  His most
important duties these days are to provide medicinal and comic
relief to the rest of the troops.  For more information on this
witty character, check out his social media accounts below.  
224 Blackman HIll Road, Berkshire, NY 13736
e-mail:                        FB:  Shannon Baker                          FB:  Kim Baker