The One And Only Just Whitt
Complete Name:  Just Just Whitt
Age:  30
Gender:  Unsure
Proficient in:  BMX, MTB, road cycling, photography,
videography and shit talk.
This Saratoga Springs homie is the longest running
member of the S2S club.  Our first acquaintance was
when he was the ripe old age of 14.  Unable to shake
the scrawny, little fellow, we decided to adopt him
instead.  For years we've ridden with this character
and laughed at his charismatic boyish charm.
These days, he's all grown up and running his own small
business, Shred 'Til Death Films.  You can also see his
work on the S2S YouTube channel; and his collaborations with, David Boshek and
North Country MTB.  For more information on the One and Only Just Whitt,
check out his social media accounts.
224 Blackman HIll Road, Berkshire, NY 13736
e-mail:                        FB:  Shannon Baker                          FB:  Kim Baker