Oh, look!  It's the Davil
Complete Name:  David "The Devil" Boshek
Age:  29
Gender:  Sorta Male
Proficient In:  MTB, videography, photography, and Hell
We've only known Dave for approximately two years but that
didn't stop him from fitting right in.  Upon our first meeting,
we thought he was well mannered and shy.  Come to find out
we were wrong!  Give him a few shots of Fireball and sit
back to watch the show.  And, whatever you do, don't leave
him alone with a video camera!  
Dave is also the creator of the popular YouTube channel
North Country MTB which covers trail reviews, product testing and bicycle repairs to
name a few.    

To learn more about Dave and North Country MTB, check out his links below.
224 Blackman HIll Road, Berkshire, NY 13736
e-mail:  s2sbikes@gmail.com                        FB:  Shannon Baker                          FB:  Kim Baker