Saints2Sinners is a private club owned by, Kim and myself.  At it's origination in 2002 it was a BMX team
consisting of four or five riders.  As always happens, there have been many changes through the years.  
At 15 years strong we are no longer kids drinking Keystone Dry in a hot open field in the middle of
summer riding BMX bikes at the dirt trails.  The largest change we have made was approximately seven
years ago when the idea of opening the club up to the public was first approached.  At one point, we had
over a 100 club members.  The bulk of it became too demanding and time consuming.  Very little riding was
going on and way too much partying.  That's when, Kim and I, decided it was time for quality over
quantity.  So, we took two years to allow people to get invested or to get out.  What we were left with was
a smaller group of people who were all on the same page.  We have also put rules to membership in place
in order to keep the group small but also allow new-like minded people an opportunity to join.  

Saints2Sinners is a club like no other.  As far as I'm aware, we remain the only bike club to encompass
road cycling; BMX and mountain biking.  Most of our members are cross overs in fact and, many of them
are very accomplished cyclists.  All our members have two things in common; bikes and an
adventurous spirit.  Both are a requirement for club membership.

For the next year, we are focused on documenting our adventures and sharing them via
YouTube, etc.  We have not planned any events for 2018.  Any spontaneous rides or events will be posted
there first so check out our page and follow it.  We also, want to hear from you.  Please feel free to
share your experiences; suggestions, or recommendations with us, as well.  

Should you still have questions about Saints2Sinners Bicycle/Booze Club, feel free to contact us; our
information is listed below.   

224 Blackman Hill Road
Berkshire, NY  13736
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