224 Blackman Hill Road
Berkshire, NY  13736
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The Dryden Hotel
44 West Main Street
Dryden, NY
S2S club members have been visiting this establishment for ages.  It's one of our favorite
places to go for a drink or a meal.  The food is top notch and they serve our favorite beer
on tap, Cortland Brewing Company's, Naked Lap Lager.  Every year we do an initiation ride
that includes a stop at the Stoned VW and a stop at the Hotel for lunch.  The cherry on the
sundae actually comes in the form of a Bloody Mary.  While on our pursuit of the best BM
this summer, we kicked off the challenge here.  This was, by far, one of the best drink I've
ever had.  On a greasy spoon scale of 1-to-5, I happily give the following:
Dryden Hotel- 4 1/2 greasy spoons
Bloody Mary- 4 1/2 greasy spoons
I highly recommend it and can say without hesitation that we will be back again;
and again, and again...

Hopshire Farm & Brewery
1771 Dryden Road
Freeville, NY
Another of my local favorites is Hopshire in Freeville, NY.  Every visit we have made, and
we've made many, has been an awesome experience.  There is nothing better than walking
into an establishment and getting a loud, "Yay!  The bikers are back!"  And, if that doesn't
warm that tiny, little pit of a heart, then try the beers.  I highly recommend the Beehave.  
Although, the Sympathy was also delicious.  
On a greasy spoon scale, I gave the following:  
Hopshire Farm & Brewery:  4 3/4

But, don't let me decide for you.  Check it out for yourself!

I, personally have nothing but good memories of it.  I was very impressed with the new
menu.  It was nice to have some new options.  For instance, the Alligator Tacos were a
huge hit!  They also had an impressive tap list.  I should also mention the decor is
stunning and the wait staff rocked!  Kim decided to join me on this taste testing
experience and he was not disappointed.  When our Bloody Mary's arrived they
almost looked too good to drink.  I don't know what I liked more; the black pepper rim,
the bacon, the lime or the olives.  It was full of flavor and had just the right amount of
bite.  After a quick discussion, Kim and I both gave the following:
The Grille at the Train Station- 4 1/2 greasy spoons
Bloody Mary- 4 1/2 greasy spoons
The Grille at the Train Station
718 N Lehigh Ave
Sayre, Pennsylvania
Aiello's Italian Restaurant
2677 Main Street
Whitney Point, NY
The minute we walked through the door it was clear from the Hostess' attitude that we were
not a welcome sight.  She looked us up; she looked us down and in a shitty tone of voice
asked us if we had reservations.  No warm greeting; no hello, nothing.  From the way we
were treated we thought the place must be packed.  After a stroll through the restaurant it
was easy to see that wasn't the case.  Service was painfully slow.  Despite the fact we very
clearly informed them of our intentions of doing a review they brought us this lack luster
version of a Bloody Mary.  Due to their horrible customer service and dislike of cyclists I'm
giving the following scores:
Aeillo's Italian Restaurant:  1 1/2 greasy spoons     
Bloody Mary- 2 out of 5 greasy spoons
Punk's Place
21 Mill Street
Candor, NY
In my home town of Candor, NY, there resides a wonderful tavern called Punk's Place.  
Despite the fact, Kim and I, have been there several times, we've never ordered any other
beverage besides beer.  For some reason, it never occurred to us to switch it up.  Until the
day we rode over on an empty stomach.  While tossing back a plate of loaded fries, which
were the best I've ever had, we sampled Punk's Bloody Mary.  When it was placed in front
of us, it didn't look like much but we were pleasantly surprised by it's flavor.  Because of
this, we gave it the following;
Punk's Place Restaurant:  4 1/2 greasy spoons     
Bloody Mary- 4 out of 5 greasy spoons
Company for a Naked Lap Lager.  We discovered upon entering that they had $8 Bloody
Mary's available.  We quickly plunked ourself down at the nearly deserted bar and ordered
up.  Even though, we had patronised CBC on numerous occasions, we were bummed by the
bartenders attitude.  He did not seem pleased too see us and he barely said two words.  
Coincidentally, his girlfriend was the only other person in the place and I got the feeling we
interrupted something.  When others came in shortly after us, he didn't bother to speak to
them, either.  The following weekend found us right back at CBC.  We got the same bartender
and the same silent treatment.  Obviously, this guy wasn't just in a bad mood he just wasn't
friendly.  When our drinks arrived we were pleased with it's appearance.  Unfortunately, it
was rather bland.  We gave the following scores:       
Cortland Beer Company:  4 greasy spoons     
Bloody Mary- 2.5 out of 5 greasy spoons
Cortland Beer Company
16 Court Street
Cortland, NY
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