Our Affiliates

Saints2Sinners is proud to say that our affiliates are more than just that;
they are family.  We choose to support these boys for their
passion and enthusiasm for all activities they pursue and, for some reason,
they choose to support us well.  From snowboarding
to dirt bikes, they get the most out of every moment.  It's that
lust for life that we want to share.  It also doesn't
hurt that they get great pictures and video, too.
And, let's not forget to mention the best episodes of Booze Club have
always involved the antics of these characters.  Check out
Booze Club:  Kentucky Derby Episode or the Halloween Episode, to
see what I mean.  
We would now like to introduce our guddies from:    
224 Blackman HIll Road, Berkshire, NY 13736
e-mail:  s2sbikes@gmail.com                        FB:  Shannon Baker                          FB:  Kim Baker