Love what you do.  It's really that simple.

If we were asked what the secret of our longevity is, the answer would be, "Love what you do because it will shine

through."  In our case, we love to have fun and it's infectious.  Because like energy seeks like energy, people who
love to ride are drawn to us.  We started off riding bmx; just like so many others but, it wasn't enough to sustain us
as we got older.  That desire to ride was so strong that when we were introduced to cross country mountain biking
and road cycling it was only natural we gravitated towards those activities, too.

An interesting thing occurs when you spend time with people of a like mind.  You begin to build solid relationships

based on a physical activity you find enjoyable.  It's only natural that over time cliques begin to form.  On one side
of the gamut you may have the holy rollers who do not drink; smoke or cuss but on the other side you may have
the rebels that do all three.  All these people still find a way to coexist simply because they share the love of a
ommon interest and these are the people who make Saints2Sinners literally, a club like no other.  Our strong
relationships have grown to encompass all forms of two wheeled sports.  It has kept us invested and it has kept
us interested for the last 19 years.  In the last two years, again because our friends encouraged us to cross over,
we've added down hill mountain biking and dirt biking to the mix.  All these activities provide the same thing; a
healthy, enjoyable lifestyle.  It is a lifestyle we, in conjunction with Shred 'Til Death Films, want to encourage
by providing information; assistance and support.  We do this by making ourselves available for questions
and advice; assisting with free or low cost equipment, providing reliable/affordable bicycle repairs and
experienced one-on-one instruction.  

If you have not done so yet, check out our social media pages to get notifications about upcoming events and
group rides.  We look forward to seeing everyone on two wheels soon!

224 Blackman Hill Road
Berkshire, NY 13736

Est. 2002
In 2018, S2S held a women's specific event called Pedal in the Park to encourage ladies to enjoy cycling in a non-competitive format.  
Our fellas came out to provide food; music and entertainment.  It was a huge success!
From left to right:  Jesse Darren, Kim Baker, Just Whitt, Ian Hintze, Janette Wheeler, Jamie Antosh, Jeremy Layton, Jolene Layton,
Marty Sailus, Joanna Sailus, Katie Hunt, Carey Hunt, John Diamond and Sara Diamond.
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