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December 31, 2017

2017.  What a strange, yet delightful, year.  On January 21st of last winter, a bunch of us
were skiing in the Adirondacks.  Very next day, on the 22nd, some of us engaged in our
first road ride of the season.  By May 1st, a few of us already had  a few hundred road
miles under our belt.  Maybe, we became complacent and we thought the easy winter we
had would roll over into spring but, it didn't.  

Everyone knows the age old adage, "April showers bring May flowers."  However, April
showers turned into May rain which turned into June precipitation.  This pattern held all
the way into July.  We tried to put together group rides but it became increasingly
difficult.  By August, everyone had become involved in other things thanks to the
weather.  I do not mean to imply that riding wasn't going down.  It was spread out and
sporadic but, it was going down.
One of the best group rides we did this year was the brain
child of,
Jolene Layton.  A nice 35 miles of scenic
countryside intermingled with a few pit stops for booze.  
There was a good turnout for the
Initiation ride, as well.  All first
timers got treated to their picture
at the world famous Stone VW in
Dryden, NY.
For the first time ever, we
participated in the Cayuga Medical
Center's Rock N' Ride to benefit
heart disease.  You can read about
There were spontaneous rides
with only three or four of us.  One
of the best was our spur of the
moment ride around Owasco Lake.
Mountain biking has taken a big
turn in participation for the club
this year.
On a trip to the Catskills to ride with, Joe Walker, we met his crew
and had a great time slopping around in the Catskill mud.
Come August, we were reunited once again with Joe Hansen
Walker, when he made the trip out to ride this years Shindagin
Shindig.  S2S had a slew of representation at this mountain bike
event held every year thanks to CycleCNY.  Great way to spend a
day with Tom Beckman, Kyle Martinson, and Joe.  
Kim and I, even managed to squeak in some
BMX starting with the
NYS Qualifier at  Horseheads
BMX.  When we discovered FBM
was having an open house, we saddled up to
check that out, as well.  There's not nearly
enough BMX going on in this area these days
but FBM is keeping the scene alive.
them out.

Let us not forget our 2017 Bloody Mary
Club Challenge where the objective was to
find the establishment that served the all
around best drink.  Turned out to be a tie.  
Check those reviews
In reflection, it's amazing how much ground
we covered.  There's so many rides that never
saw the light of day; so many miles
undocumented, so many corny jokes and
forgotten laughs.  It's nice to be reminded of
them as we bring another year to an end.
With that said, we are eagerly looking
forward to 2018 and all it has in store for
the club.  Happy New Year everyone!

Kim Baker & Sara Diamond
Stone VW, Dryden, NY
Shannon Baker, Kim Baker, John Diamond,
Sara Diamond, Jolene Layton
Jamie Antosh & Kim Baker
Steve Crandell rounds up a rowdy group of BMXer's for a group picture.