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September 25, 2017

The club had one challenge this summer; to find the best local Bloody Mary.  Due to abnormally shitty weather, we
fell behind in this goal.  When a semi-decent week presented itself a few months ago, Kim and I, took advantage of
it.  Our plan was a back roads, country ride to Punk's Place in Candor, NY.     
Before Punk's, there was a rather
infamous establishment in the same
location.  At one point, it's reputation
was so bad, decent people simply
wouldn't patronize it.  When Punk, the
owner, took over the bar, he was well
aware of it's notoriety.  In order to
change it's reputation he completely
started from scratch.  Anyone walking
in today would never recognize the
place.  Punk tore the interior apart;
added a separate room to hold the pool
table and just recently opened a
breakfast room.  
The afternoon, Kim and I, rolled in
we were on a mission to find out,
whether or not, their Bloody Mary
could compete with some of the best
in the bar and grill industry.  When our
drinks arrived I was stunned by it's
They were up against amazing cocktails from the Dryden Hotel and The Grille at the Train Station.  In comparison,
Punk's Bloody Mary looked down right naked.   However, don't let appearances fool you, it was fucking delicious.  
Like all good things, our visit had to come to an end.  It was difficult pulling ourselves away but, my goofy boots
needed adjusting and we still had many miles to go.  I highly recommend checking Punk's Place out for yourself,
though.  For more information check out their
Facebook page.  Check out our review page for our other Blood Mary