Saturday's full moon ride will most likely go down in history as S2S' shortest ride ever. Truth is, we didn't think it was going to go down at all.

Earlier in the day, it became apparent that no one was planning to attend. I suspect, most people aren't stoked on the idea of riding in the dark. Because I had injured myself the weekend before at a house warming party, I was alright with sitting at home in front of the tube but promptly at 7 p.m. our buddy, Bill Hume, showed up. Since, Kim and I, had our stuff already laid out it only took a few minutes to gear up.

Earlier in the day, I had considered cancelling because I was concerned I would get a couple miles down the road and would have to turn back due to my leg injury but, once I got on the bike all seemed fine.

Upon leaving the driveway, part of the route included a short treck down Route 79W which was freshly paved. So freshly paved that there were no lines and no shoulder. This gave motorists a false sense of road width and they were far too close for comfort. We were only 1/2 mile in when what constituted a shoulder suddenly started to disappear. Being Ride Leader 1, as Kim likes to call it, I was first in line. I knew I had to get up onto the blacktop before I wound up in the ditch. Anyone who has cycling experience knows how sketchy it is attempting to move from the shoulder up onto the asphalt, especially at 18 mph. Why I didn't attempt to slow down first, I'll never know. I got my front wheel up onto the blacktop but my back wheel caught on the ridge started to slide out. In less than a second, my front wheel was going to the left while my back wheel was skating off to the right. This is when time slowed down. I remember how black the pavement looked and thinking, "I'm going to crash on that." But then, all those thousands upon thousands of hours spent in the saddle paid off and my body immediately autocorrected. I was saved! My delight only lasted a fraction of a second before I felt the worst blaze of pain up my injured leg. Like a rubber band that had been stretched too far and then snap, I was in agony! Thankfully, I was able to stop and dismount. I knew I was finished. I didn't see any reason for, Kim and Bill, to not continue on but they insisted on seeing me back home where I checked my odometer and discovered my little adventure consisted of 1.27 miles.

1.27 mile the shortest ride ever! This means we were only 2/3 of a mile in before stupidity struck. Of all the things I imagined could go wrong that night, this wasn't one of them.So, we did what we always do and made the best of a bad situation. I planted my ass in a chair and Kim broke out the bottle of Blaton's, the Original Single Barrel Bourbon Whiskey and we proceeded to polish it off. Instead of a reward it was more of a consolation prize but holy damn, it was so good! We ended up hanging out for a few hours and talking shit. It wasn't the evening I planned by any means but still wound up being a good time.

Apparently, my misadventure resulted in a third degree hamstring tear. I also suffer from a pulled groin muscle to boot. It's my understanding it could take months to heal completely. I'm barely able to walk and Ibuprofen does nothing for the ache. Ironically, in a few days when the pain has abated, the best method of rehabilitation is cycling. Talk about full circle. Lol! This also means plans for another full moon ride will have to wait. So far, we are 2-0. Maybe, this ride just wasn't meant to be?