S2S can best be described as an alternative cycling lifestyle company. For the sake of argument, let's say cycling can be divided into two categories: Strava Riders and Junk Milers. The first are the people who live to compete against themselves and others. They tend to keep track of their mileage, speed, heart rate and progress, especially against other Strava Riders. They are the Type A's of cycling. The type B's, which is the category we fall into, tend to ride for pleasure. Because we don't train or keep track of results the miles we log are considered junk. They just don't mean anything. Chances are, if you are Type A, we are not your people.

As casual riders, we're more interested in the experience. If we do a 50 mile ride you can guarantee at least one stop for beer and multiple stops to check out cool shit. We don't just go out for a ride, we go on a bicycle adventure! Like kids with an entire day stretched ahead of them, we will spend hours roaming the countryside. It keeps us youthful at heart. We don't restrict ourselves to just road cycling, though. We basically encompass all things on two wheels. Our riders also partake in mountain biking, BMX and motocross and we like to mix it up depending on what's going on in our area. We have the most diversified group of riders assembled. Mostly, our emphasis is on enjoying physical exercise. This belief that you must suffer to get the health benefits of exercise is erroneous and misleading. We've been led to believe that in order to achieve good health we must give up everything we enjoy which, is simply not true. We believe you can have your cake and eat it, too! It simply requires moderation and balance. Through our beliefs and example, we have put a large number of people on bikes and taught them the love of riding. Not one of them regrets it. Bicycles opened a whole new door for us. It's fantastic for our mental and physical health but it's also been responsible for our social well being. We've made lifelong friendships due to cycling. There is nothing better than getting together with like minded individuals to engage in a fun activity. Like I said before, it's like being a kid again! Maybe, our way may not be the way for everyone but we think it's important to know that there is always more than one way.
As we establish our website, we will be adding group rides and events to our calendar. If you too, are a casual rider, you may want to check one out. Often they are posted on Facebook and Instagram. If you don't follow us on social media yet, it is highly encouraged you do so. We use those accounts to post updates and pictures. Of course, we are always happy to hear from our followers whether it be questions regarding rides or even to suggest one we are always down for a good time!