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Tom Beckman Photo
June 15, 2017

I love the diversity our team riders bring to the club.  What was once a group of BMXer's has grown into a
crew that can essentially ride anything.  The weekend of June 10th, Kim and I, hauled our asses to the Catskill
Mountain area for some mountain biking with Joe "Hansen" Walker.  
Kim and I, were pleasantly surprised to see the
group that had compiled for this ride.  It was
awesome to finally put some names to some
faces.  Ray Cross brought his 14 year old son who
was insanely good for a kid who had been riding
for roughly a year.  It was very cool to also meet,
Dave Boshek, the mastermind behind
Country MTB.  I didn't know what to make of Dave
at first.  He seemed very quiet and reserved.  But,
once he got into the whiskey it was fucking on!  
He's definitely one of us.  I immediately liked Ray
when he promptly started off by giving Hansen
shit.  The plan was to ride Elm Ridge in the Catskill
State Park.  We were warned the first half of the
ride was going to be a torturous climb four miles
from the sun.  It was.  Fortunately, everyone met
up at the top for a breather before making the
descent.  Despite, Just Whitt's, claim to being  King
of the Hill, Ray's 14 year old son said he could
have kicked Just' ass but he let him have his
shallow victory instead.  Such a cool kid.  
Mountain biking is hugely different from road
cycling.  It's a lot of work for very short distances.  
It didn't take us long to reach the bottom.  At that
point we had been out for maybe an hour and a
half.  Not used to this, I had no idea what we were
going to do to fill in the rest of the day.  So, we did
what any rational human being would do and
proceeded to get lit.
From Left:  Dave Boshek, Just Whitt, Shannon Baker, Shredder,
Ray Cross, Kim Baker, Joe Walker.
National Open Fly Day in Eastern New York
I have to say, the Catskill Mounain people are a very friendly
group.  Very warm and welcoming.  I'm not sure of the
significance of the open fly but everyone seems to do it.  I was
told it was a wardrobe malfunction but I don't believe it.
After the weiners and the whiskey was gone, we hoisted
ourselves off onto the neighbors for some music and fire.  By
nine o'clock though, we were done.  The party raged long into
the night without the company of, Kim and I.  By morning,
Hansen's place was in shambles and everyone's eyes were a
lovely shade of red.  We packed up our Hefties and began the
three hour treck back home.
Even though this was one of the shortest rides I've ever been
on, it was a blast!  So thankful to meet Ray Cross and Dave
Boshek.  If you keep your eyes on
North Country MTB, the
video Dave is preparing of the day should be up soon.  A few
more photos of the day can be found on our
Facebook page,
also.  I can't wait to do this again!  Many thanks to Hansen,
and his wife Kimmie, for putting us up and cleaning up the
mess we left behind.  We owe you one!