224 Blackman Hill Road
Berkshire, NY  13736
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Tom Beckman Photo
June 6, 2017

Every year, the club rounds up its newest riders and makes them do an Initiation Ride.  This is where we
meet at the clubhouse to embark on a 30 mile fun/hell ride.  The fun lies in bombing down Blackman Hill
Road; getting your picture taken at the Stoned VW; lunch at the Dryden Hotel and hitting the Super Secret
Spot at Dryden Lake.  The hell part comes from the torturous climbs that exist in between.  On June 3rd,
we once again took a crew out.  
From Left to Right:  Sara Diamond, Tom Beckman,
Shannon Baker, Kim Baker, Trevor Emeno
I have zero pictures of the ride down Blackman Hill
but it was freezing.  We took our traditional route
out to Rte. 79 into Slaterville Springs; Midline Rd to
Ringwood Rd where we stopped at the Stoned VW.  
You haven't officially ridden with S2S until you have
your picture taken with the Bug.  
As, per tradition, our
group wound up for the
plummet down Ringwood
Road.  This is where our seasoned veterans
attempt to beat their personal best.  My time
to beat was 45.4 mph but I failed miserably
with a mere 41.1.  Once everyone had
completed the trek downhill we regrouped
and made our way to The Dryden Hotel for
lunch.  I don't know what your policy
regarding beer at lunch time is but I'm a firm
believer in it.  As always, the Hotel treated us
right.  It's important to get the necessary
calories for the return trip home.  Next stop,
the Super Secret Spot at Dryden Lake Park.  
I'm afraid I can't show more than this.   I can
tell you that we adjusted the shit out of our
goofy boots before moving on to the hellish
part of our ride; climbing Schutt, Level Green
and lastly Blackman Hill roads.  It took some
time but we each made it to the top.         
of target practice before everyone dispersed.  I would like
to give kudos to Trevor Emeno.  This was only his second
ride on a road bike.  I'd also like to give thanks to Team
Riders; Sara Diamond and Tommy Beckman for joining
us.  If interested in attending next years Initiation Ride
keep checking our
Facebook page for updates.  For route
information check out our
MapMyRide page.  To see the
complete album of this ride view our
FB account.