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June 5, 2017

Because we are hard asses, one of the conditions our team riders agreed to for sponsorship was to host a ride of
their choice.  They would choose the route; the stops, the time, the place.  This has worked out great in the past
so, Kim and I, were looking forward to it.  This particular ride was planned by team rider, Jolene Layton.  Just
shy of 35 miles total it was definitely a 4 1/2 on the greasy spoon scale.  For those not in the know, S2S rates
everything on a 1-5 greasy spoon scale.       
Sunday, May 21st, nine of us met up in Marathon to participate in Jolene's ride.  
I was particularly stoked because we were lunching at Aiello's where I planned to
add their Bloody Mary to our
Bloody Mary Challenge Review and our guddies
from Saratoga Springs were in town to participate.  There is nothing better than
bikes; booze and buds!  
Jolene had a kick ass route planned.  For those with a
MapMyRide account you can view it
here.  We basically
wound our way from Marathon to Dorchester Park
around the lake and to Whitney Point.  After lunch at
Aiello's we made our way to Lisle where we checked out
the French Distillers and Alchemists for a quick sip of
Half the crew:  Behind me;
Sara Diamond, John
Diamond, Kelley Howell
and Kim Baker
Not sure how I feel about Alchemy but a few in the
group liked the whiskey.
I'd like to say the rest of the
return trip was uneventful but
I'd be lying.  Team Rider, Sara
Diamond, had an unfortunate
bike accident.  While yucking
it up with guddy, Joey Two
Shoes, she slid off the fresh
asphalt and went down.  Since
we were five miles from our
end point, Kim was sent to
retrieve the van to transport
Sara back.  She was scraped
up but otherwise fine.
We regrouped at the home of Jeremy and Jolene Layton shortly after that.  A couple of beers later and everyone
was in great spirits again.  I'd like to thank the Layton's for their gracious hospitality and the terrific memories we
made that day.  Jolene did a great write up for
Facebook that includes more pictures and information from that
day.  You can also check out the
Bloody Mary Review we did for Aiello's Restaurant.