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April 11, 2018

Had the pleasure of attending Steve Crandall's art show on Friday, the 6th.  I've
never been to an art show so I was quiet surprised when my daughter asked to
go.  Especially, this one.  Carlin has zero interest in bikes.  In fact, she ridicules,
Kim and I.  So, we packed her into the mini van and hit the Grayhaven Motel to
see some art.  

It was cool.  The art was interesting and the turn out good.  It was a pleasant

surprise to run into so many old timers and, even some new cycling
enthusiasts.  If I've said it once I've said it a million times, "Bicycles are the
great leveler."  Age is not a factor when a mutual passion is shared.  In Steve's
case, it was BMX and coffee.
Now, I've known Steve for a long time
but I don't know Steve, if you know what
I mean.  I've spent many an hour
standing in a hot, dusty field guzzling
cheap beer with him and the FBM crew
and I've seen some shit I can never unsee
but, I will say this, FBM BMX is the real
deal.  I am humbled by their dedication
to the sport they love.  In fact, Steve has
given up his home to tour the country in
an old bus to spread the good word of
bicycle motocross
.  That, my friends, is
I think you should check them out for yourself, though.  To learn more go to, or their Facebook page by the same name.  And, don't
forget their
YouTube channel while your at it.  You won't be disappointed!