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April 10, 2017

We had a glorious day in Upstate, NY yesterday!  Finally, the temperatures we've all been waiting so anxiously for.  
With no plans with the club, Kim and I, decided to throw the bikes in the van and head out for a ride.  Our plan
consisted of an approximate 50 mile ride with a lunch stop mid-way.  I'm stoked to say we fucking nailed it!  49
miles in 3 hrs and 9 minutes.  
We parked in the Village of Spencer and took Route 96 West to
Halsey Valley Road.  This is a great road that wanders from the
Spencer/Candor area to Route 17c in Tioga Center.  Gently rolling
hills and farms as far as the eye can see.  Minimal traffic, as well.  
Also, the nice thing about back roads in cow country is that farm
folks know how to share the road.  Because I had never done the
stretch of 17c from Tioga Center to Barton, we decided to check it
out.  It's one of two stretches of road that I would classify as painfully
boring.  We did, however, pass the bike service shop on 17c called BTS.  
I couldn't help but notice the big Sale sign and the turkey vultures
circling up above.  They seemed to be waiting for something to die.  
I can only leave it to speculation.  After a straight two hours ride and
28 miles down, we finally hit our destination...
The Grille at the Train Station, in Sayre, PA.  
I have never been so happy to see a place in my
life!  I was starving and parched and, I was hell
bent on quenching my thirst with a Bloody
Mary.  Which, is exactly what Kim and I, did.  
This would make the
second entry in our
summer  Bloody Mary
Challenge and holy shit
was it good!  It took us
60 seconds to suck it
down.  You can read more
about that on our
page.  We then moved onto
lunch and I will say the
Alligator Tacos were
If I can make any suggestions at all to the people participating in
this challenge, it's to order a light lunch with that Bloody Mary.  
That in itself is a kick ass meal.  Unfortunately, all good things
must come to an end so Kim and I stopped to quickly adjust our
goofy boots before laying down the last 20 miles.    
If I've said it once I've said it a million times, "You never know what you're going to see when you're out on the bike."  
Once again, I watched it play out right in front of me.  When we stopped approximately 10 miles from our end location
we thought we'd have a seat and watch the water flow by.  What we got was a full on show!  A boy of about 11 and his
drunken grandfather lit up the afternoon with a boisterous pissing match.  By the time all was said and done, grandpa
had retreated into the house and the kid was standing on the roof of their minivan declaring victory.  It's been a long
time since I've seen anything that entertaining.  Maybe, Route 34 isn't as boring as I originally thought!
Once we arrived in Spencer there really wasn't much to share.  The town itself was quiet upon our return.  I hope
everyone was as fortunate as us to get out and enjoy such a beautiful day!
To check out the complete album of pictures from this ride check out our
Facebook page.  To view our rating of
The Grille at the Train Station check out our
reviews page.
If you recall, I had mentioned two painfully boring
routes.  The second of which, was our return route
back to Spencer; Route 34.  Not a difficult road by
any means but, it is in the middle of nowhere and
there is nothing good to see.  Kim and I, were railing
out the miles until we came to a tiny town called
Lockwood.  It should be renamed Lockweird
because they certainly are!