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April 2, 2017

Just like everyone else in Upstate, NY, a bunch of us have been itching to get out on the bike.  Mother Nature
has been a relentless bitch about the weather and cabin fever has officially set in.  Checking out videos on
YouTube and drinking heavily just wasn't cutting it anymore.  
Allow me to throw another wrench into the mix; it was S2S Team Rider, Sara
Diamond's, birthday!  Now, I take a lot of bullshit from the crew for my obsessive
watching of weather, however, in this case I believe the effort was appreciated.  
Jeremy and Jolene Layton; Sara and John Diamond, along with Kim and myself, had
been waiting a long while for such a nice day.  When it became apparent the good weather
was indeed going to bless us with it's presence Sunday, our crew of six jumped all over that shit!    
Let me be honest.  I don't know how other people do it, nor do I care.  Kim and I, have spent years perfecting our cycling
technique.  One of the first things we always do after burning a few miles is to stop for a Goofy Boots adjustment.  This is
usually in a spot that catches our attention.  Such as the construction site we stumbled across.  We never hesitate when
we've found something good.  After all, isn't that what
Instagram is about?
Left:  The human centipede.  One of our
finest accomplishments to date!

It was at this moment in time we realized it
was dangerously close to beer-thirty and
some of us were parched.  Off to
Farms and Brewery we peddled.
I can't say enough good things about this place.  As soon as we walked in the door the
server remembered us from the year before and greeted us warmly and with open arms.
The exact reason why we continue to come back!  Unfortunately, the crew was starving
and it was time to move on to the Dryden Hotel where we would begin our search for the
best Bloody Mary in NY.    And, holy shit!  We were not disappointed!  
Every one of us has been a patron of the Dryden Hotel for a million years.  Until this
point, I don't think any of us had ever ordered a Bloody Mary.  We had no idea what to
expect.  Jolene and I, were the only two who ordered this delectable drink.  We couldn't
figure out why everyone else got their drinks but we had a longer wait.  It was apparent
as soon as the bartender, Kayla, set our drinks down why it took longer.  Our drinks were
garnished with grilled cheese and bacon.  Grilled cheese and bacon!!!!!  Not to mention it
had the perfect amount of spicy bite that I like.  Jolene and I, rated our first entry for the
Perfect Bloody Mary.  Check out our
reviews for more information.  After filling our tank,
it was time to move along for a tour of Dryden Lake where we once again stopped to
adjust our goofy boots and snatch a few more pictures.    
Left:  My friends are giving me the
number one sign!  
I'm afraid this is where the fun stopped.  We didn't realise the last
seven miles would be completed in a gale force headwind.  Out of an
almost 33 mile ride it was the last damn leg of it that kicked our asses!  
Only speaking for myself, I'm glad I consumed the extra Bloody Mary
calories!  And, just like everything good, our time on the wheel came to
an end.  We managed to log miles; eat, drink, be merry and make killer
memories.  I cannot wait to see what our next adventure brings!

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