224 Blackman Hill Road
Berkshire, NY  13736
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Tom Beckman Photo
Lovesick Boys

Tommy Pickles Beckman, aka Tommy B, has been a fixture in the Saints2Sinners Bicycle Club since the ripe old age of
18.  Before that, he was sponsored by our BMX team called Baker Designs.  During his high school years, Kim and I,
watched him fall in love with photography.  When he was around he would often steal my camera.  Through the years,
Tommy has gone on to start his own business called
Tom Beckman Photography, check out his website.  He also has
Facebook page by the same name.  
Tommy B.
Saints2Sinners Team Rider
When it became apparent we
would be forming another team
for 2017, Mr. Beckman was at
the top of our list.  Not only is
he acclimated in BMX but he is
an avid mountain biker and even
tipples in road cycling
occasionally.  The fact he has
also worked for the now defunct, East Shore Skate Park and the Bike Rack in Ithaca,
makes him the natural choice for our team.  We look forward to our future endeavors
with this gentleman and can't wait to see what he produces this year!