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So far this is what we have scheduled for the 2017 season.  The items listed below are definitive.  

April 29th- Supercross in NJ
May 20th- Horseheads State Qualifier.
June 3rd- Initiation Ride to Stone VW
July 29th- Grippen Park State Qualifier
August 19th- CNY BMX State Qualifier
August 26th- Shindagin Shindig
September 17th- Tour De Shunk

These items have not been confirmed yet.

-Breaking Free Skate Park
-Erie Canal Ride
-Syracuse trip with Team Rider Angel Panzardi
-Catskill's trip with Team Rider Joseph Walker
-Road ride through Centralia, PA
-Road ride in DC
-Train ride to the Adirondacks
-Black Diamond ride to Odessa
-Road ride to O'Brien's Inn.  (Two day, over night stay)  

Not all of the items listed above are etched in stone.  Naturally, weather and time will dictate
how many we get to.  And, although we invite everyone interested in participating, please
remember Saints2Sinners is all about bikes, booze and buds.  Curmudgeons will not be tolerated!