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It has been eleven years since Saints2Sinners has had an official team.  As the club expanded, the need for a team
decreased.  God knows, the club has changed a lot in the last fifteen years.  What first started as a BMX only thing
expanded into a road cycling and mountain bike thing, too.  As the club has aged, so has it's members and, instead of
age hindering us, we used it as a bridge to branch into other areas of riding.  We now have club members who ride
everything including motocross.  This has caused something of a dilemma.  There are so many good things going
on in our area.  However, Kim and I, can't be there to cover every event.  This is where the team comes back
into existence.     

Kim and I, hand picked a crew of eight club members who will represent S2S and share their experiences with us
via picture and video.  We will be covering and reviewing local bike shops, restaurants, breweries, etc, with 100%
honesty.   Because our club is privately funded, this means we are under no obligation to cushion a review.  I,
personally, think people should see the way certain establishments treat cyclists in this area.  But, that's a discussion
for another day.  

Without further ado, I'd like to introduce the 2017 Saints2Sinners Team:

Tom Beckman- mountain biking and BMX
Just Whitt-  BMX, road cycling, mountain biking, motocross
Jolene Layton- road cycling
Angel Panzardi- BMX
Sara Diamond- road cycling
Joseph Walker- mountain biking
The Sons of Fitches- aka Mike and Kev- motocross

Soon the weather will break and our area will be a hive of activity.  I cannot wait to see what the team gets into this
season!  Stay tuned!