224 Blackman Hill Road
Berkshire, NY  13736
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5 p.m.-7 p.m.
1st Sunday of the month.
Best part about the team this year is the sharing of ideas and interests.  In
December of 2017, team rider Tommy B, came up with Booze Club.
Because, many of us in the bike club enjoy our beverages and, each of
us has their specific favorites, he thought we could learn a little
something about the subject while simultaneously trying something new.

The first monthly event focused solely on whisky.  And, while
attendance for the first meeting was small those who participated had the
pleasure of sampling some of the best whisky available for those on a
budget.  Tommy B., was knowledgeable and his choices were excellent.  
Needless to say, everyone is looking forward to the next meeting.   

Anyone interested in joining the next scheduled meeting, should check
the Booze Club
event page on the Saints2Sinners Facebook account.  

Remember friends, we're drinkers not drunkards!