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January 24, 2018

Here we are, one month into the new year.  I thought, I would give everyone, a quick over view of what is/will
be going on with the club.

The club is looking at a lot of changes this year.  First and foremost, the relocation of S2S.  As many of you
know, the property the club has resided on for the last six years will be going up for sale.  It was offered to
us first but, it was never our intention to remain.  In the next few months, Kim and I, will be looking into
alternatives.  No matter where we go, we will continue to make sure the club has a home.  However, this will
change the plans we originally had for 2018.  As you will see from this year's calendar, we are concentrating on
fewer, but better, activities.  Any spontaneous rides, will be posted on our
Facebook page where we are able to
communicate quickly.

Secondly, if you have checked out the
team page recently you may have noticed a few things.  This year, we
will be working with a small but, accomplished crew of six.  Video should be plentiful this year, as well.  
Thanks to our collaboration with David Boshek, of
North Country Mtb, we will be able to share many of his
how-to and product review videos.  Just Whitt, of
Shred 'Til Death, and Tommy B., of Tom Beckman Photo,
will be capturing video and photos of local events in and around the area, in addition to S2S events.  Let us not
forget, Joe Hansen Walker, who also keeps us updated on the Catskill mountain bike crew.  More will be said on
this subject at a later date.

Last but not least; Bicycle Moto X.  Unfortunately, there won't be much BMX in our schedule this year.  
Instead, we intend to share the news and events from some of our favorite local business/places.  Specifically,
Horseheads BMX, Grippen Park BMX, Grindworks BMX, and FBM.  These are the people really keeping the
scene alive and deserve our support.  

With that said, 2018 is going to be fantastic!  Don't forget to follow our
Facebook page for the most recent

Happy Riding!