I got my first road bike in the summer of 2007. It was a cheap Wal-Mart Denali that weighed a ton. God, I hated that bike! It didn't shift well and hills were a nightmare. Thankfully, my guddy Jamie, took pity on me and built up a beautiful Jamis Comet. I was a little more inclined to ride after that but I still wasn't in love with it. Occasionally, Kim and Jamie, would ride in the winter and I remember thinking, they're nuts. Who in their right mind rides in the cold? I certainly didn't think that was a club I was going to join.

By 2017, I was completely bored with the indoor trainer and allowed myself to be talked into a mid-winter ride by Kim. We started going out together if the temps and road conditions were suitable. Nothing beats riding outdoors so I was grateful for those reprieves. When 2020 and Covid struck it completely changed our riding.

Up until early 2020, it was our habit of sticking to main roads and finding somewhere around the half way point of our route for lunch and a beer. When the government decided to lock us down those options were no longer there but, it didn't stop us. We do what we always do and made the best of a bad situation. Instead of stopping somewhere for a drink we started carrying our own. Instead of sticking to the main roads we started wandering off into the deep hills. In our own way, we felt a little rebellious. While everyone else was sitting at home we were self-isolating in the beautiful outdoors. That's when I really fell in love with riding. Suddenly, the secondary and seasonal roads were the only thing I wanted to ride. I also fell in love with photographing old barns and farms so we would wander the countryside for hours and never see another human. It was amazing!

So, we would go on one of our adventures and I would share my pics on social media. By 2021, I was getting messages from people who wanted to join us on our rides. This is how, Scott Bowen, Matt Slowey and Bowen Moore wound up on the team. Immediately, we hit it off. If you have ever met someone and instantly felt a rapport with them then you know what I mean. Like energy attracts like energy. It did not take long at all to figure out they were one of us.

Oddly, by simply sitting back and doing our own thing, the right people found us. Sadly, a bunch of our friends stopped riding when Covid struck. It was something of a relief to not be tasked with the job of rounding people up for a ride. With the crew that we have formed and because we're all of the same mind, all sorts of opportunities are presenting themselves. What one of us doesn't think of another surely will. This is the beauty of a well run team it's not a matter of do you want to ride but rather, when are we going to ride and what adventure are we choosing today?
Regardless of your interest or skill level, I assure you there are others like you. Until you find them however, keep doing your thing. The right people will be attracted to your energy and they will find you. There is nothing as wonderful as a crew of like minded individuals who inadvertently feed your soul with your shared passion. I hope everyone has the chance to experience it.