We cruised into early 2022 thinking we had a plan in place and for the first time ever was ahead of the game. In April, things got a bit chaotic but when June rolled around we had recovered. Even though our carefully laid plans had fallen through, we were not letting the riding season go to waste. We do what we always do,
we made something out of nothing.

Looking back on the season, it's amazing how much riding we packed in while simply living in the moment. A good representation of our adventures can be

found on Instagram if you're interested in checking them out. It
spurred us to approach 2023 in the same manner. Instead of making
elaborate plans for traveling we decided to stick close to home and take

advantage of the natural cycling resources that surround us and the local
events that pop up. Our area is incredibly rich with riding opportunities
whether it be MTB, dirt bikes, BMX or road cycling and our team is ready
to take advantage of it.

As we get closer to spring we will begin to share some of these events on our calendar. You can also find our scheduled events on Facebook. Keep your eyes peeled, we are always excited to meet and ride with new people. The only goal we have this year is to celebrate 20 years of all things on two wheels and the people who ride those wheels off.