How do I adequately describe the Saints2Sinners Bicycle Club?  How do I explain beer, sex and
bmx?  How do I describe bar fights and sport/music festivals?  How do I make someone
understand the sheer insanity of S2S?  Fact is, we're more like a gang without the negativity.  
When we say, "We've got your back." it means something.

Despite our 60+ club members Saints2Sinners is a tight knit group.  Just recently we changed our
policy to make membership harder to achieve.  We realized through trial and error that bigger
isn't better and not everyone fits in.  If you are looking for snooty road cycling coverage you're
not going to find it here.  Nor, are you going to find any professional riders at all.  What you will
find is a group of like minded individuals who enjoy bmx, mountain biking, road cycling, drinking
booze, loud music, blowing shit up and raising hell.  Oddly enough, this seems to appeal to all
age ranges.  Our club members run from 21 years of age to 70.  You could say the bicycle is the
great leveler.  

S2S is the only club of its kind that encompasses all kinds of riding.  In our club there's a lot of
cross over.  So much so, we decided to send out a team of roving reporters to cover the different
events in their sport.  This year, Jolene Layton; Sara Diamond, Angel Panzardi, Joseph Walker,
Tommy Beckman and Just Whitt will be keeping us informed and amused.  As advocates of
cycling, we feel it is important to shine the light on our local scene and, provide support to those
who keep the scene going.  Cycling is not a fad that is going to disappear like pilates or Zumba.   
It has practical applications that will make it's popularity steadily grow.  This is exactly what we
want to encourage.  More people on bikes equates to better roads and less vehicle congestion;
air pollution, obesity, etc.  And, who doesn't want that?

~Shannon Baker
224 Blackman Hill Road
Berkshire, NY  13736
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