Bicycle club
The relationship between S2S and Arc-En-Ciel Racing is the brain child of our 401
Chapter Representative, Pete Rumsey.  For years he promoted the benefits of road cycling
and regaled us with his fascinating race tales.  When multiple members of the club started
cycling, him and ARC, as they are commonly called, began to provide support in the form
of ride wear and bike parts.  In fact, ARC has generously outfitted almost every new rider
since 2007/2008.
In 2015, Saints-2-Sinners via Pete, sponsored a 55+ cyclo-cross rider named; Jay
Trojan.   In January of 2016, he went on to win the USA Cycling Cyclo-cross Nationals
in Ashville, NC.  You can check out his race results
here.  .  You can also check out his
after race interview on
YouTube.  Needless to say, we were stoked on his finish and our
Again, all due to the quick thinking of Pete.  There is really no way Saints-2-Sinners will
ever be able to repay the kindness of ARC except to sport our kits with pride.  We will
try to follow in their gracious footsteps and provide the same kind of encouragement to
all new bicycle riders.  Thank you so much to the 401 crew!  

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